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One of many icons for the game. Note the pixelated art style.


The main banner for the game

Turtle Puzzles is the flagship game of Tiny Turtle Industries. It is coded in the Lua programming language using Love2d.

It is currently unreleased, but demo versions are available. The demo versions, along with what will eventually be the full game, are freeware.

The plot is still in development, but the game focuses on a turtle who, for whatever reason, must solve puzzles. TurtleP, the game's original creator, admits that this name is not the most creative, but it still fits all the same.


Turtle Puzzles began as a final project in high school for TurtleP 's Java class. That summer, he switched the game to Lua, and founded TTI with Pyromaniac, Hatninja and Qcode

Version HistoryEdit

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  • TurtleP made the main character of the game a turtle because his real-life nickname is, incidentally, turtle.
  • TTI got its name from the switch from Java to Lua. The first test run of the game in the Java edition, when Turtle attempted to scale the images for better viewing, revealed that the Turtle had become tiny on accident, and the world around him huge. Hence Tiny Turtle Industries.